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phantom fencing pool and safety fencing

    Fence Installation & Fencing Supplies in Cairns

    For fencing supplies and fence installation in Cairns, you're in good hands with Phantom Fencing. We are proudly lining the streets and gardens of Cairns with safe and attractive fences and gates for all purposes: 

    phantom fencing home and garden fencing

    Home and garden

    Is your home your castle? Your private retreat? Keep it private with a quality fence from Phantom Fences. The right fence, in the right place, in the right design and colour, can only enhance your beautiful property, defining the boundaries and making the grounds neat and tidy. We have fences specifically designed to increase security and privacy while still remaining attractive.
    phantom fencing commercial and industrial fencing

    Commercial and industrial

    Phantom Fencing is the company to call for commercial and industrial fencing installation in Cairns. We have an extensive range of products available including chain wire, weldmesh and tubular fencing. In the past, we have completed fence installations for factories, schools, building sites, prisons, sporting venues and even animal enclosures.
    phantom fencing pool and safety fence

    Pool and safety

    However much fun they are, pools can be dangerous too. A safety fence is absolutely essential if you have a pool but safety fencing can also be used to keep children and animals away from dangers such as other animals or work areas. When it comes to safety, make sure you choose quality fences and gates from Phantom Fencing.


    It's all very well having a lovely new fence supplied and installed, but who is going to stand in the sun for hours painting it? We will, of course! You choose the colour, and we'll sort it out for you. Ask us for a quote for having your new paling fencing painted to protect the timber and enhance the look of your property.

    Automatic gates

    If you don't like the idea of getting out of your cool, air-conditioned car in the heat of the day to open the gate, then automatic gates are the answer. Phantom Fencing can install automatic motors for both swinging and sliding gates.


    We have a great range of gates available including:

    • Double gates - Galvanised 40 x 40mm steel frame gates with welded ball bearing hinges as standard on all double and single gates.
    • Solar gates - Swinging gates fitted with a solar panel.
    • Automation - Swinging gate motor. We can install automatic motors for both swinging and sliding gates.
    • Security gates across carports - Galvanised steel gates powder-coated in blaze blue. The gate on the left side is bi-folding for pedestrian access.
    • Six metre sliding gates - Automated treated pine sliding gates with an all-galvanised steel frame.

    Fencing products and services for all your needs

    These are just some examples of the great fencing products and services we have on offer for our residential, industrial and commercial customers:

    • Powder coated aluminium screening under your house.

    • Diplomat panel - 1800mm high powder coat galvanised steel. Excellent security fencing or garden fencing.

    • Paling fences - Ask us about having your new paling fence painted to protect the timber and enhance the look of your property.

    • Painted fences - We also paint fences.

    For more information on our great range of fences, call us now on 0417 649 927 .

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